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The Case of the Somewhat Mythic Sword by Garth Nix

When there is something strange in your Victorian era neighborhood, who’re you going to call? Sir Magnus Holmes, cousin of the more famous Sherlock and Mycroft.

A strange disturbance in a pub cellar draws Sir Magnus Holmes and his caregiver, almost doctor Susan Shrike, to investigate.

This is the second outing for the pair and, despite their implied relationship to Sherlock, they are classic Nix characters.

Sir Magnus is afflicted with a curse, and Susan must use her medical knowledge to contain it lest there be some unfortunate, and lethal, consequences.

The idea of solving esoteric mysteries in Victorian London is entertaining, and the main characters have lots of potential.

Unfortunately, Nix’s usual great writing is not evident in this short story. There are whole pages of clunky summation of the first story, and the reader is flatly told that the main characters love each other and how that complicates their relationship, when it could easily have been shown through their words and actions.

I award The Case of the Somewhat Mythic Sword

The Case of the Somewhat Mythic Sword is available for $1 ebook on Amazon.

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