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Four by Fay: Four Fantasy Stories by Richard H Fay

Time to get your fantasy on with this collection of Richard H Fay’s previously published short stories.

An Evil in Carnlinton

Blethin, Lord of Glannonford, pursues a murder suspect into the haunted city of Carnlinton.

This story reminded me of the books of Lord Dunsany because of its mix of fairy folk and religion in the same world.

Perhaps it’s more classic writing style of omniscient narrator and three syllable words also put me in mind of that other writer. While not so popular in this age, Fay excels with this style. The story developed well, and although there was no unexpected variation on the format, I enjoyed it immensely.

Vengeance of the Alpe

Wizard, Carius the Uncanny, enlists the help of ancient creatures in order to possess milkmaid, Hilde.

Less high fantasy than the first story, and more fairy tale, I enjoyed reading about Carius the Uncanny’s attempts to corrupt the innocent Hilde.

Once again, the narrative lacked the nuances I would have expected, but it’s a fine story and it was nice to see the appearance of the Alpe.

Father Ryan’s Fright

A priest tries to dissuade his parishioners’ belief in the fairyfolk.

I loved this story of a fervent priest trying to improve the faith of his flock. It brought me back to my childhood, when I devoured stories of the little people written by Patricia Lynch and Sheridan Le Fanu.

Sing the bones alive

Kalensch the mage sets off to rescue a child from Babga the ogress.

An epic adventure with a kindly wizard, I loved Kalensch’s ability to sing as a means of working magic. The fact that he sang to animals made it the kind of story I could have written myself.

I award Four by Fay

4 dogs and an MC (Mister Cat) = 5 dogs. Temporary rating system.

Four by Fay is available for $1.29 ebook and $3.99 print book on Amazon.

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