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A Good Provider by William F Aicher

If you are looking for something short and chilling, you can’t go wrong with this bite sized horror from a master storyteller.

Frank enjoys a night to himself watching a horror movie, while his wife looks after the sick children. Little does he know that more scares await him than in the film.

William F Aicher has a nice writing style. It’s deceptively simple, and he conveys a lot with few words.

All the pieces are laid out from the beginning, so the denouement makes sense, but it is still exciting to see in exactly which direction the story will go.

With such a short tale there is little room for world building or character development, but the atmosphere is intense. The author perfectly captures how easy it is to scare yourself when alone in the dark.

I award A Good Provider

4 dogs + MC (Master Cat) = 5 dogs. Temporary rating system.

A Good Provider is available for $1.29 ebook on Amazon.

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