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Conscience by Jonathan Pongratz

Released today, Conscience is a wonderful science fiction short from author Jonathan Pongratz.

Set in a future world, Rory Bennels is tasked with uploading the memories of recently deceased anarchist leader, Epher Lore. However, when something goes wrong with the transfer, Rory discovers the corporation he works for isn’t what it seems.

I love stories about corruption and those who fight against it. Whether it’s The Prisoner (the original 1960s tv series), 1984, or any of the many books and movies that broach the subject, it’s always nice to see the little guy fight for freedom and truth.

In this short story, Pongratz paints a compelling picture of a possible future world. Even though the length of the piece makes it difficult to get to know the characters in great depth, I liked Rory, and had a surprisingly strong emotional response to his journey.

With plenty of action, and good pacing, Conscience is a satisfying read.

I award Conscience

Conscience is available for $0.99 ebook on Amazon.

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