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Wake me when September ends

I can’t believe it’s September already.

Ray Daley, a wonderful speculative fiction writer, is running his submission challenge again this month. The goal is to submit a story every day for a month. Ray is really super, and has compiled a list of over 30 markets, so all you have to do is submit your work to them.

Last September I sold two challenge stories. I hope to break my submission record this year (I think it was 7 subs, but will have to check my notes to be sure), and it would be nice if I beat my acceptance total as well.

My health has not been good lately, and my concentration has been affected, so reading is more difficult than usual. I’ll still post reviews as regularly as I can, but it’s going to take me longer to get through my six books before breakfast. Apologies if you sent me your book to read and I haven’t reviewed it yet. It might take me a little longer to get to it.

I’m looking after a dog at the moment, let’s call him CD. He needs a bit of help, and even though it’s taking a lot out of me, I want to help out a dog in trouble.

CD hasn’t a lot of self control, he’s not used to consistency, but from my assessment so far, I have found him to be very clever. As he’s a retrieving breed, I think he’ll love scent work, but it’s a while before I’ll be able to start him on it. I have to introduce him to the basics first.

However, it reminded me how much I love training. I’ve always wanted to be able to talk to animals, and since I’ve learned positive reinforcement methods, I’ve come pretty close. I learned early that I didn’t want to use force with animals (it didn’t work), but while I was good at getting animals to do what I wanted, it was always a one sided conversation.

Clicker training taught me to listen to the animal and develop a common language with which we can speak to each other. It is incredible the level of communication that is possible when you listen and respect what the animal has to say. That’s when the animal is truly working with you, even when you have to do unpleasant things like give medication and cut their nails.

CD isn’t used to being listened to, so he doesn’t know what to make of me yet. He’s on his best behavior as he tries to work me out. I have to go very gently with him while I gain his trust, and he learns that he can access all the good things if he learns to listen too.

September is going to be even busier than I thought it would be.

What does your month look like? What are your reading and writing goals? Any exciting book launches to shout about this September? Tell me all in the comments.

23 thoughts on “Wake me when September ends”

  1. I can’t believe it’s Sept too… It seems like to shld still be March. Good luck with CD…. It sounds like he has found a loving home where he will be listened too and loves. Lucky boy.

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    1. I know! It’s very confusing.

      I’m not sure if CD will join the team (there is an opening, of course, after the sad loss of little pup earlier this year), but he will be loved and listened to while he’s here, and I’ll help him with his troubles.

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  2. Great you are challenging yourself to submit more work, Iseult, as your writing is fabulous and deserves to be out there and recognised. I am also trying to send out more work to agents and publishers… I got very “disillusioned” with the process a few years back, but now I’ve returned to it, I do feel it’s good to take the plunge, and of course, when you get accepted, it’s like winning the lottery!

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      1. Yeah, I should have time to. 🙂 you’ll be happy to know that your 7 days in hell book got bumped way up on my tbr. After Animorphs I’ll read that, then we can do our buddy read? I’m excited to see what you pick out for us!

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  3. Poor CD! Sounds like he has come to the right place for help. You make training animals and establishing communication channels sound fantastic – hope all goes well! Hope you get time for lots of writing as well, and good luck with the September challenge!

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  4. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, but I’m glad to hear you’re helping a dog in need. That’s a beautiful thing to do.
    I’m hoping to write one more short story, send a few off to other places, and edit my novel Toyland. I also hope to read the book the musical Hamilton is based on after having it on my shelf for over a year and a half. May start it tomorrow during my lunch break.

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