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Available for pre-order: 7 Weeks in Hell, 7th Hell #2

Are you ready to return to Ireland, where the dead walk the streets and your soul is at risk?

It’s time to go to Hell, or to Galway. Whichever one is nearer.

Still traumatised by the events of Halloween in the tiny village of Basard, Vicky Murtagh has moved to the Irish city of Galway to forge a new life, but the ghosts of her past have followed her west.

Veterinarian, John Tighe, wants to find out why the city’s pets are viciously attacking their owners. As violence increases on the streets of Galway, he wonders if the conspiracy theories of the shut-in who lives in the apartment across from his might make sense.

The Better Living Program promises to revolutionise people’s lives, but Violet Casey is more interested in learning how to use its business model to become as successful as its creator. Could the company that has rejuvenated Galway also be responsible for its downfall?

Three people linked by a web of horror as their lives descend into 7 Weeks in Hell, to Hell or to Galway.

The second book in the 7th Hell series.

Arrives Halloween 2020

Praise for 7 Days in Hell, 7th Hell #1

Iseult Murphy clearly knows the horror genre very well and has a firm handle on the tension, building it up with confidence.

Nick Clausen, #1 Bestselling Amazon Author

Atmospheric, well written, and definitely worth a read.

Catherine McCarthy, author of The Wolf and the Favor

Iseult Murphy’s 7 Days In Hell is a surprising horror gem, with nods to Lovecraft, George A. Romero, and The Omen.

Joseph Sale, author of The Black Gate trilogy

In case you missed it, click here to buy 7 Days in Hell, 7th Hell #1 on Amazon, or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited.

13 thoughts on “Available for pre-order: 7 Weeks in Hell, 7th Hell #2”

  1. Thanks for putting it on KU. I’ve added it to my Amazon list! (The pre-order link didn’t work for me, but I just went on over to Amazon.) Good heavens, look at the spidey-dog and the bat-cat. You have the best furry friends!

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