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Girl in the Water by Peter James Martin

If you like private detectives, urban fantasy and humor, this is a story for you!

Brennan, and his possessed rat partner, Riz, have been hired to get rid of a water ghoul in the river Tees. Unfortunately, when it seems too good to be true it usually is, and the job doesn’t run as smoothly as expected. Will the hardworking duo survive, and more importantly, will they get paid?

I first came across Brennan and Riz on Twitter. Riz made me think of Rizzo the rat from the Muppets, but surely this character wasn’t a talking rat? When I found out that he was, I had to read his stories. I had to.

This is a winning short story for me. It has that detective noir feel that works so well with urban fantasy and humor. Think The Dresden Files, or Hellboy. The fact that it’s set in England and has a talking rat who sleeps in a car glovebox is the ultimate cherry on the top of an already great cake.

The story is well told, and while I disagree with some of the actions made by the characters, it is believable and satisfying. Riz is perfectly delightful in every way imaginable.

I look forward to reading another story with these characters.

I award Girl in the Water

Girl in the Water is available for $1.28 ebook on Amazon.

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