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The Ash by Dan Soule

Non stop action from the first to the last page, The Ash is a locomotive of an alien invasion story.

Policeman Jim Castle wants to get home to his son when the aliens arrive in cataclysmic explosions, but one obstacle after another prevents him from obtaining his goal. With the whole world out to get him, will he ever see his child again?

I have to give major credit to the author for the conflict in this book. Every time I thought the stakes couldn’t get any higher, they did. Talk about running the gauntlet! The difficulties are paced out well, and just as Jim overcomes one, a new, nastier problem surfaces.

The dialogue for most of the characters was spot on as well. I could see and hear them, which impressed me.

How could I not love a book with two great dogs in it as Camilla, the Jack Russell, and Charles, the German Shepherd (referred to as an Alsatian in the book)? They were both great dogs, but I might be a bit biased towards liking Charles more.

The aliens were formidable, and did their job well in the book, but I didn’t find they brought anything new to the extraterrestrial monster category. Perhaps this is just because I’ve read and watched so many aliens that it’s hard to be impressed. I can understand a newer reader to the genre being thrilled by them.

A minor quibble is that I didn’t buy into the only female character in the book (apart from Jim’s ex wife, who barely speaks). While work seemed to have been put into even the more superficial male characters, she came off as one note.

A more major complaint, and what kept me from awarding this book 5 furry friends, is that I would have liked more interest from the characters about the broader state of affairs concerning the alien invasion. While I understand that the book has a narrow focus on Jim’s journey home, I found the lack of any interest in the greater scheme of things a tad unsatisfying. Soule does a fine job with The Ash, and I think it comes down to personal preference with this, but I would have liked more speculation about the nature of the aliens and the wider fate of humanity.

I award The Ash

The Ash is available for $3.97 ebook and $7.99 print book on Amazon.

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