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Trio of Terror by Richard H Fay

Three of the author’s previously published horror short stories brought together in one slim volume for ease of reading.

The first story, The Redcap of Glamtallon, concerns a young woman and her boyfriend finding more than they bargained for when they go ghost hunting in a Scottish castle at night.

There is a creepy vibe to this story, and I liked the blend of folklore and modern technology. The description of the castle is excellent, as I expected after reading the author’s fantasy stories, and there is a satisfying chill to the ending.

The second tale, From Within the Earth, is more like a flash piece. It’s a nice little apocalyptic tale.

Finally, Those from the Shadows is the story of Gareth, who visits his old friend, Jarvis, who he hasn’t seen for a long time. Turns out Jarvis has acquired a rather nasty hobby since Gareth last saw him.

This was my favorite story of the three. I enjoyed the dynamic between the two characters, the choices Gareth made, and the paranormal elements too. Combined with a great ending, this was a near perfect short story for me.

I award Trio of Terror

Trio of Terror is available for $1.29 ebook and $3.99 print book on Amazon.

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