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Killing with Don by Dr Jason Carson

Self help guru and serial killer outlines a 50 step program to improve the world.

Dr Jason Carson takes on Donald Trump, doling out sage advice on how the man, and any readers, can become gods by embracing their inner killer and predating upon our fellow humanity.

Dr Jay, creation of author John Schupeck, published his first book last year. A form of self help book, it really showed the darkness that swells within the mind of someone who has repeatedly chosen evil. Through Dr Jay, Schupeck excellently dispelled any glamour or heroism around those who kill people.

Once again, Schupeck is using Dr Jay to illuminate an important subject. This time it’s extremism, and who better to discuss the subject than someone as extreme as Dr Jay?

When the author asked me to read this book, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. I’m not a fan of political fiction, and I wasn’t looking forward to a novel addressed to Trump, but I soon discovered that underneath the horror and the humor lay some important truths.

How easily we make monsters of men. Or gods. In an age when the internet makes it easier than ever to stand on a hill and scream our allegiance, do we seek balance? Can we recognize obsession in others and ourselves?

I award Killing with Don

Killing with Don is available for $2.97 ebook and $8.99 print book on Amazon.

Click here to read my review of Dr Jason Carson’s first book, Separating You.

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