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31 Days of Horror: Take My Hand At Midnight by Helen Whistberry

A ghostly gothic short story with lots of dogs… perfect.

First Katherine’s beloved dachshund goes missing, then her mother falls ill, and will her brother, Henry, make it home from The Great War in time for Christmas?

I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful tale. Katherine was a likable protagonist, true to the early twentieth century when the story was set, and full of character. Her relationship with best friend, Jessamyn, was charming, and I liked how she dealt with the problems that befell her.

There were plenty of canine companions in this short story, which made it a winner for me. There was Tilda, Katherine’s daschund, whose disappearance started the tale. Tara and Connor, loyal Irish Wolfhounds, also appeared. Their behavior helped reinforce the tension between the characters.

The heart of the story belonged to Henry, Katherine’s brother, who was a soldier fighting in The First World War. Two of my great uncles fought in that war, and perhaps this made me particularly susceptible to Henry’s storyline, as it traveled so close to home.

However, this is a gothic story, so there was plenty of shadow and spookiness. The fact that there was light and love in the mix as well made it all the better.

I award Take My Hand At Midnight

Take My Hand At Midnight is available for €1.27 ebook on Amazon.

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