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31 Days of Horror: The Infinity Order by Ben McQueeney

Time travel is a tricksy beast, as Rai finds out in this fun short story from Ben McQueeney.

Rai wakes in a dungeon without memory of who he is or why he is there. He soon discovers his mission – to save humanity – but will he succeed?

I enjoy the author’s writing style, so this was a pleasant way to spend 12 minutes. He conveys enough character and world building in a short story to keep it entertaining. Time travel is also a winner in my mind.

However, if you’ve read or watched a lot of time travel stories, you will find the scenario rather obvious. Newer readers to the genre might find it a bigger surprise or emotional punch. I think the author was going for something dark, but this jaded reader found it highly amusing.

If you like some dark fantasy with your time travel, this is an interesting diversion.

I award The Infinity Order

The Infinity Order is available for €1.30 ebook on Amazon.

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