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31 Days of Horror: Monster Within by Joel Spriggs

Face death and on that day, as Sun Tzu says, you will finally meet the man.

On his way home from school, a fifth grader is attacked by a human monster. What will he do to survive? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

While this is a horror short story, there are still Sprigg’s touches of humor (albeit dark humor), and hints at a much larger world of great interest.

Because of the length of this tale, I will keep details sparse to avoid spoilers, but there are some truly terrifying moments. Several sub genres of horror are touched upon, all to great effect.

I greatly enjoyed Monster Within, and it ends satisfactorily, but there are elements of this story that are so interesting, I had to knock a star off my review because they aren’t more thoroughly explored. I hope the author will return to these characters and expand on the story at a later date.

I award Monster Within

Monster Within is available for $1.02 ebook on Amazon.

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