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31 Days of Horror: Diggum by Isaac Thorne

Everyone has a a story to tell, and some are more surprising than others.

Personal tragedy led Diggum to take on any job he could get, which happened to be digging graves. His hatred for God soon has him acting out his own brand of revenge against the Almighty.

Told with laconic sincerity, the author subtly reveals Diggum’s delusions and his true character.

This is an engaging horror short story. Billed as dark humor, I found this more dark than funny, but I did enjoy the instances of bone dry wit.

Diggum is a great character. I could hear his gravelly voice and the cadence of his speech as I read his story. The language and pacing used show how effective first person point of view can be when done properly.

I applaud Thorne for this clever and nuanced story, with a very imaginative denouement that made sense, while at the same time keeping some mystery until the end.

I award Diggum

Diggum is available for $1.26 ebook on Amazon.

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