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31 Days of Horror: The Little Town Creeps by Courtneey J Williams

Something nasty is hunting under the full moon in Littletown, and it’s up to four teenagers to keep the neighborhood safe.

Alex, Cuddy, Tyler and Gorby are four teenage boys who share an above average intelligence and a love for horror. Collectively known as the Creeps because of their fondness for Professor Horror, who introduces a scary movie double bill every Friday night on tv, their motto is science beats myth.

When a large predator appears to be stalking Littletown, the Creeps hit the books. They’re determined to stop the killings, but at what personal cost?

This is such a fun story! Similar in vein to young adult horror such as the Goosebumps books, and along the same lines of horror comedy as The Lost Boys, The Little Town Creeps is also completely its own.

The characters of the four friends are wonderful. They’re smart and funny and believable for their age.

Werewolf lore is respected in this book while the narrative still brings a fresh perspective. Werewolves are one of my favorite myths, but they are very difficult to get right. I applaud the author for writing a werewolf story that is fun while keeping the menace of the beast.

The only let down for me was that the author decided to put the whole story in bullet point form at the beginning of the book, ruining much of the tension and surprise. If you pick up the ebook, I’d advise you skip those pages so that you won’t be spoiled for the story.

I award The Little Town Creeps

The Little Town Creeps is available for free on Amazon Kindle.

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