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31 Days of Horror: Crawlies by Ellie Douglas

When was the last time you killed a spider?

After a spider witnesses the brutal murder of her brother, she sets out for revenge.

I loved this tale of a spider getting even with humanity. The action is inventive, with plenty of humor as well as gross out moments.

I’m so glad I have an agreement with my arachnid roommates to live and let live (they aren’t allowed in the bed while I’m in it though).

The human characters are well described. I enjoyed the descriptions of their actions as seen through the eyes of a spider.

I would have loved more spiders in this story, and to read about how others got on with the revolution, but that’s just me being greedy.

A revolting Charlotte’s Web for creepy crawlies, I award Crawlies

Crawlies is available for $1 ebook and $7 print book on Amazon.

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5 thoughts on “31 Days of Horror: Crawlies by Ellie Douglas”

  1. This would be my worst nightmare!!! I’m afraid an army of spiders would come after me. My rule is that spiders can live in my room as long as I don’t see them, but spiders in the shower are a definite no-no!

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