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7 Weeks in Hell Special Pre-Order Price

Less than a week to go to the release of the second book in the 7th Hell series – 7 Weeks in Hell: To Hell or to Galway.

Click here to get it for the special pre-order price of only 99c.

Eighteen months have passed since Vicky endured the horrific events of Halloween in Basard. Now living in Galway, she’s afraid it’s happening again.

Galway veterinary surgeon, John Tighe, wants to get to the bottom of a mysterious disease that is turning the city’s dogs into killers. Could rabies have reached the Emerald Isle?

Violet Casey doesn’t want to fall victim to the chaos around her. Could Gerard Mannion, and The Better Living program, hold the answers she seeks?

Find out in the book that is being hailed as even better than the first!

Click here to pre-order now for 99c.

And in case you missed the first 7th Hell book, click here to get your copy of 7 Days in Hell: A Halloween vacation to wake the dead. Available on kindle, in paperback, and free with Kindle Unlimited.

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