Zombies for Halloween

Love zombies?

Looking for something good to read over Halloween?

Discover great zombie fiction and fall in love with the walking dead all over again.

Zombies for Halloween has wrangled together 25 amazing books from different authors that showcase some of the best horror fiction available.

There’s poems about zombies, activity games for children, romance blossoming at the end of the world, thoughtful examinations of the undead, giant zombies, communist zombies and lets not forget the zombie ducks!

There’s a zombie for everyone.

Click here to discover your new favorite author.

13 thoughts on “Zombies for Halloween”

      1. When you suggest that zombies are not to my taste, perhaps this Halloween I should try a different sauce with them. Variation in recipes is the spice of life.

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      2. True. When not prepared properly, zombies can be hard to swallow.
        If you’d like to try a thoughtful examination of mental illness and morality against a background of a growing zombie population, I can recommend a book that will be released on Thursday. 😉

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