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October in Review

October marks my first anniversary of consistently posting book reviews. I’d great plans for this month, with lots of horrors, a book launch and cute pictures of animals in costumes.

Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice had men often go awry.

Farewell to Big Pup

I’ve lost two crew members this year, and Big Pup’s passing this month hit me particularly hard because:

1) It was so sudden and unexpected. He went from off his dinner to dead in six hours.

2) Big Pup was my soul dog. There isn’t room in this post to say how much he did for me everyday, but regular readers of this blog will be familiar with his face.

I’m writing his biography for NaNoWriMo. Its going to be intensely personal and upsetting, but I hope it will be cathartic. Whether anyone will want to read it, or be allowed to, is for the future to reveal.

Because of his death, I’ve changed a lot of my writing plans for the rest of the year, as well as my rating system on books. I will review this after 100 days of mourning have passed.

Zombies for Halloween

Here are my reviews of some of the books you’ll find in Zombies for Halloween.

Dead Meat Day 1 by Nick Clausen. Zombies take over Denmark, one day at a time.

Little Drummer Boy and Over a God’s Dead Body by Joel Spriggs. Spooky horror comedy at Christmas, and zombie ducks!

Waste Not and White Noise by Rhonda Parrish. Funny zombies and zombie poetry.

After the Change by Michael J Moore. YA zombies.

God of Zombies by Rob Bliss. Giant zombies.

Gripping Reads

Looking for some dark, gripping reads? Click here to find your new favorite book, all free with Kindle Unlimited.

7 Weeks in Hell

Thank you to everyone who has preordered 7 Weeks in Hell. I’ve postponed the release until 12th November because Big Pup’s passing has made everything much harder, and I didn’t want to release an inferior product.

The good news is that reports from betas and my editor is that 7 Weeks in Hell is even better than 7 Days in Hell. I’ve tried something different with the ending of the book, and I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of it.

Click here to get your copy of 7 Weeks in Hell for the special preorder price of only 99 cents.

Book Reviews

I didn’t reach my goal of 31 horror books, I didn’t even equal my number of reviews from last year. I did read some great fiction though.

Click on the bottom of the book covers below to be taken directly to the book review.

12 thoughts on “October in Review”

  1. Very tough losing Big Pup this month, especially so soon after Littlest Pup. Beautiful photo of them. Makes me think of Kipling’s advice ‘Never give your heart to a dog to tear’. I know it’s worth it, but you pay a big price when your faithful companion leaves you. Thanks for all the reviews. Looking forward to 12th November book launch.

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