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God’s in the Garden by Cory B Scott

A no holds barred memoir of one man’s search for God.

The author bares his soul in this honest story of the hardships in his life, his physical trials and emotional pain from betrayal and rejection, as he searches for God and endeavors to develop a true relationship with the Creator.

I admire Scott’s bravery in this deeply personal memoir of his spiritual life. His story is engrossing, if at times distressing to read, as he relays his dry introduction to religion at his parent’s knee, his disillusionment at the hands of false prophets, and his many miracles that brought him back from the brink when he thought all was lost.

I’m sure many will be able to identify with the author’s experiences. Unfortunately, too many seem to be taught the rules of religion without the reason for such commandments or any encouragement how or why to develop a personal relationship with God.

Sadly, the author’s encounter with so called ‘Men of God’ who are anything but is all too common. Spiritual wounds inflicted by those who should be our shepherds are particularly hard to recover from, as the author discovered and relates.

I wish that Scott had focused more on writing a memoir and sharing the details of his life, as his story is fascinating and he writes his experiences well. I would have loved to know more about his miraculous encounters and how they directly impacted on his life.

However, God’s in the Garden is also filled with the author’s understanding of theology, which is deeply influenced by the incorrect foundations of his youth and the malicious misinterpretation of the people he met as an adult.

Having read about his experiences, it is understandable how the author has arrived at the conclusions and rationalizations that he has. If I were chatting with Scott in a face to face situation, I have no doubt that we would have a wonderful conversation about religion and belief. Unfortunately, in a book that is promoted as self-help and inspirational, I require that the author do some more research on his subject before he decides to preach.

There is a lot of repetition and logical error when it comes to Scott’s theological reasoning, which irritated me and produced an unsatisfying read.

Had it been purely a memoir, or if he had presented his ideas on spirituality in a different way, this would have got a higher rating from me, but as it stands, I award God’s in the Garden

God’s in the Garden is available for $4.95 ebook and $13.69 print book on Amazon.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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