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Writers on Writing Volume 1

From Crystal Lake publishing, edited by Joe Mynhardt, nine great genre writers share their insights into the craft.

Each writer tackles a different topic such as perseverance, finding time to write, imposter syndrome and discovering your story’s emotional centre. With Brian Hodge, Monique Shyman, Kevin Luca, Mercedes M Yardley, Jasper Bark, Jack Ketchum, Dave-Brendon de Burgh, Todd Keisling and Tim Waggoner on board, you know the advice is going to be good.

I enjoyed all the essays in this book. Each one was entertaining and well written, as well as imparting pearls of wisdom on writing.

While the advice in this volume focuses on the basics and might be most beneficial to new writers or writers getting serious about their writing, it is good to be reminded of what’s important.

There are no exercises to complete or lists to fill out (which I found refreshing), but this is no less helpful than those other books that give you homework.

This is the first in a series, and I look forward to reading the other books to find out how successful authors cope with the highs and lows of writing, as well as learning from their experience.

I award Writers on Writing Volume 1

Writers on Writing Volume 1 is available for $2.62 ebook on Amazon.

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