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Book Launch: 7 Weeks In Hell

Hip hip hooray! 7 Weeks in Hell is here!

It’s been 18 months since the events of Basard, and Vicky Murtagh has started a new life in Galway city. Afraid to leave her apartment and plagued by strange visions, could it be that zombies are once more walking the streets of Ireland?

Find out what happens to Vicky in the second installment of the 7th Hell series, 7 Weeks in Hell, to Hell or to Galway.

Released Today

Thank you to all who preordered 7 Weeks in Hell.

Unfortunately an early draft of the book got delivered by mistake. I’ve asked Amazon to send all who preordered the updated file. If you can’t wait until they contact you, email me and I’ll send you the correct copy of 7 Weeks in Hell.

Have you heard? 7 Days in Hell, a Halloween vacation to wake the Dead is a finalist in the horror category for the IAN Book of the Year Awards 2020.

To celebrate, for the next five days you can grab a free digital copy on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Book Launch: 7 Weeks In Hell”

  1. I loved it! I loved 7 Days in Hell but I think the sequel is even better – you took the horror of book 1 and brought it to a whole new level, while retaining fantastic characters, lots of humour and a slice of Irish life. I loved the new characters you brought in, and our new insights into these Irish zombies. The villain development is great as well. Fantastic read! I hope it does really well, it deserves to 🙂

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