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Haunted: True Tales of the Paranormal

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who are you going to call? Gestalt media!

Twenty seven true stories of encounters with the paranormal. Some are very gentle brushes with the unexplained, a few are extremely odd full blown paranormal occurrences, and a most of them are terrifying.

I got this audiobook and it’s accompanying handbook because my friend, Rami Ungar, has a tale in this anthology. In fact, his story is one of my favorite. I’m glad that I took a chance on Haunted: True Tales of the Paranormal because I enjoyed it.

I’ve had my own odd experiences with both the spooky and spiritual, but I never thought much of them because I’ve met people who have had much more exciting experiences than me. However, after reading this book, I wonder if I’m what you would call sensitive. I always thought everyone had little experiences like knowing when a certain person was going to call and when certain things would happen. Maybe this is because my mother had a lot of these experiences and always rated very highly on psychic tests when I examined her (I was a fun teen), but she was very down to earth and never made much of her abilities.

I must admit that I found some of these stories difficult to read at night. I had to read them during the day. Truth is always scarier than fiction.

Other stories have inspired me and I’m sure will spawn a tale or two.

The audio is well produced with atmospheric music. It’s nice listening to the tales being recounted by the people who experienced them. They were going for a spooky tales around the campfire feel and they succeeded.

I prefer to read than to listen, and I loved the addition of interviews and photographs in the handbook.

My only complaint about the handbook is that the stories have been transcribed from the audio and as most people don’t order their speech very logically, it leads to some confusion on reading. Most of the time the meaning is still clear, but unfortunately in one of the most spectacular tales the speaker jumps from one thought to another with each line and renders the entire account incomprehensible.

A great listen or read to anyone interested in the paranormal.

I award Haunted: True Tales of the Paranormal

Haunted: True Tales of the Paranormal is available for $3.02 ebook on Amazon.

Unfortunately, Gestalt media’s website doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I don’t know if the ghosts got them, but they seem to have got rid of the audio version of this book.

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