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November in Review

7 Weeks in Hell Book Launch

Thank you to everyone who preordered, bought, read, reviewed and promoted 7 Weeks in Hell. Despite a couple of hiccups, it was a great launch and I can’t believe I’ve published two novels.

The free promotion of 7 Days in Hell to celebrate the release of 7 Weeks in Hell surpassed my wildest expectations. I got to the top two of the free horror comedy charts on Amazon in both the UK and US. My book was downloaded in many countries, including Japan, India and France, and I wonder how two very Irish young women and their dog are faring in such exotic locales.

Click here to get 7 Days in Hell.

Click here to get 7 Weeks in Hell.

National Novel Writing Month

If I had bottled the tears I shed writing this book, I would have liters of them. I’m not sure if there is anything salvageable in this mess, but I’ll look at in the new year, wrestle it into shape and send it out to those brave souls willing to read it.

Original Fiction

Click here to read A Room With a View, a short horror story.


All Hallows’ Write Tag

Buddy Reads

Click here to read my buddy read and rant about Until Summer Comes Around with Jonny @ Jaunts & Haunts.

Click here to read my buddy read about The Phantom of the Opera with Joe @ The Dumbest Blog Ever.

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16 thoughts on “November in Review”

  1. I’m so proud of you! I’m so happy for you on your novels. I’m still so incredibly sad for you losing your beloved pet. I love your review posts.

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  2. That is an impressive list for November. Launching a new book is not easy (I loved it btw), you’ve posted loads of great reviews, your buddy reads are great fun, and I would love to read about the Amazing Mr Hans – which must have been difficult for you to write but I hope it helped.

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