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New Release: Mother of the King by Rami Ungar

Get ready for a time traveling, magical, near future fantasy novelette.

On the brink of war, the titular mother recounts her unusual experiences that led to her conceiving her son, who might save his country from annihilation.

I enjoyed this exciting novelette. Kudos to Ungar for writing a female first person perspective so well. I never doubted her voice for a second.

The present of the story is set in our future, and even though few details are given, the hints of something bad brewing provides immediate tension.

Through a series of flashbacks, the protagonist recounts instances thirty years before that led to her having a son. Time travel is involved, as well as a famous myth (no spoilers), and I liked how Ungar gave a new twist to an oft told tale.

I love time travel stories, and the time travel in this novelette is described in such an interesting way that I almost believed it was possible.

My only nitpick would be that the war torn world situation of the story’s present and the character of the son, although only briefly mentioned, were so interesting that I would love to read more about this world. I would be first in line to read any sequel or further work in this setting.

I award Mother of the King

Mother of the King is available for $1.31 ebook on Amazon.

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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