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Goblins in the Tunnels by Peter James Martin

I’m mad about the rat!

Brennan and Riz are back, this time searching for treasure under the historic high street of Stoke on Tees. They find more than they bargain for, including more successful investigator, Valerie, but will they escape with their lives?

When Riz is involved, you know he isn’t going to give up without a fight.

I love how the author has expanded his urban fantasy world in this second short story. Valerie is a great character. Successful, ruthless and sharp, she shows what Brennan could be like if he didn’t have Riz to keep him grounded.

Riz is on top form and I love the thought of his little nest in the glovebox of Brennan’s car.

Brennan has the hard job of being the foil to Riz, playing the straight man in a world where the other characters get to have all the fun, and the author writes him well, keeping him likable and showing the strength of the bond between man and rat without hitting you over the head with it.

I also enjoy how the author continues to include real legends into his stories.

My only complaint is that the stories are too short.

I award Goblins in the Tunnels

Goblins in the Tunnels is available for $1.30 ebook on Amazon.

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7 thoughts on “Goblins in the Tunnels by Peter James Martin”

  1. I like goblins – unless they’re chasing me which they do in my dreams, chasing me along a long driveway. And when I get caught I get put in a box on the back of a truck…

    Re the inclusion of “real legends” in the stories: I can’t wait to find out what a “real” legend is!!

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