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Blame it on the Bubblegum by Rhonda Parrish

What’s better than a changeling story? A changeling story set in an algae powered airship, of course.

Quinn’s job is to observe the first flight of the Callebaut, humanity’s greatest achievement, and report back to the fairy queen. But when things go awry, observation turns into action in this imaginative, entertaining short story.

It should be no surprise to the regular reader of this blog that I love Rhonda Parrish’s writing. I’m more familiar with her horror writing, so it was nice to read her flexing her fantasy muscles.

This short story is pure fun. Quinn is a great protagonist. Her longing for bubblegum had me craving it, and her ignorance of the human world provides lots of laughs.

The steampunk world of this story is one that I would like to spend more time in, and I hope the author will write a longer work set there at some point. If Quinn were to appear in that story, all the better.

I award Blame it on the Bubblegum

Blame it on the Bubblegum is available for $1.05 ebook on Amazon.

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