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Little Town Creeps 2 by Courtneey J Williams

The boys are back in town, and this time they have blood suckers to contend with.

Alex, Cuddy, Tyler and Gorby can’t refuse Nisa Riley when she phones and asks for help against a vampire. They know only too well that strange things stalk the streets of Little Town, and she has proof, but how do you fight a vampire?

With the assistance of Tonya Willows, who studies bats at the Little Town Zoo, the six young people give it the old college try. Will they succeed against such a formidable foe?

It’s nice to be back with the Little Town Creeps, the name the four boys call themselves because of their love of horror, and the addition of the two girls was very welcome. Intelligent, high achieving Nisa fits right in with the boys, and the slightly older Tonya was a fun font of information.

I love vampires, especially when they are scary, and Williams has given them an interesting twist while staying loyal to much of the lore. They’re bestial and brutal, and I loved the ways the teens battled them.

Science beats myth is the mantra of the series, and I loved how the Creeps used their heads to work out a way to defeat their foe. The stakes are real, the enemy frightening, but our heroes are doing their research and coming up with a plan that just might work.

The book ends with a cliff hanger. While the story is resolved, there is obviously more to come, and I hope I don’t have to wait too long to read the next volume in the series to find out what monster the Creeps will go up against next.

I award The Little Town Creeps 2...

The Little Town Creeps 2 is available for $1.05 ebook on Amazon.

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