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New Release: Dead Meat Day 6 by Nick Clausen

With the zombie tide washing across Europe, is there any hope to it’s end in sight?

Dan, William, Ozzy and company continue their journey to the Faro islands in their commandeered helicopter. Iver and the survivors of the ferry have found refuge on a small island. In the bunker, Birgit continues to practice voodoo for her own nefarious ends.

Dead Meat Day 6 is an action packed continuation of the series. I admire how Clausen lulls the reader into a false sense of security before throwing up another twist that complicates things for the characters. He does it well, without too much contrivance, and balances expertly the threat of the zombies with the danger of the living.

This installment of the series brings some hope to an eventual resolution, with Dan stepping up to be the hero once again. I loved this development, which builds nicely from the last two books.

My favorite characters are once again Dan, who doesn’t give up despite one of the hardest weeks ever, including losing his whole family; Ozzy the German Shepherd Dog and his owner, William; Dennis, who has one of the most interesting character arcs of the entire series; and Birgit, who is complex and nasty in fascinating ways.

I look forward to how the new threads come together in Dead Meat Day 7.

I award Dead Meat Day 6

Dead Meat Day 6 is available for $2.98 ebook and $14.99 print book on Amazon.

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