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The Avenging Angel of Hasselwhite Hall by Helen Whistberry

Jim Malhaven is back and a reporters work is never done.

Sister Honoria calls Jim out to the orphanage to help with a troubled little girl, Lily White. Victoria is only too happy to help out with the problem child, but taking Lily out of the orphanage doesn’t stop the strange occurrences. Is there really an angel following Lily? And what have the nazis got to do with her? With Jim on the case, you know he’s going to find the answers.

I loved the first Jim Malhaven mystery, and the second outing is just as fun. All his friends are back, and the supernatural is present too, in this gripping case of a strange little girl and her winged protector.

Set in 1951, the language and references to the time period are spot on and seamless, adding to the story without being obvious shout outs that detract in anyway.

The references to the Cold War, nuclear fear and the nazis, as well as difficulties for people of colour, add to the complexity of the story line.

One thing I particularly like about these books is how serious the storylines are, despite the feel good cosy mystery warmth of Jim and his friends. It makes the plots more engaging, their resolution more satisfying and Jim and company’s goodness all the more likable.

I hope there will be more Jim Malhaven books as I love the fifties patter and I would like to find out what happens next to Jim, Victoria, Q and all the rest of his friends.

I award The Avenging Angel of Hasselwhite Hall

The Avenging Angel of Hassewhite Hall is available for $4.22 ebook and $9.99 print book on Amazon.

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