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The Easton Falls Massacre: Bigfoot’s Revenge by Holly Rae Garcia & Ryan Prentice Garcia

My obsession with Bigfoot books continues, and this time the body count is turned up to 11.

After getting some horrible news, Iraq war vet, Henry Miller, decided to clear his head with a spot of hunting. Unfortunately he bagged a Bigfoot, and now the clan are out for revenge.

This is a simple tale, but it’s well told and it lives up to the promise of the title. There is Bigfoot and there is a massacre.

The first half of the book drew me into the world and I couldn’t put it down. However, I felt the pacing faltered in the second half. Despite the exciting events, there was some repetition in occurrences. Looking for characters the reader hadn’t been introduced to and had no connection to strained my interest after a couple of houses. The emotional climax between the main characters felt out of place and forced. The ending felt both rushed and also somehow lacking.

My biggest nitpick is plot armor concerning one of the characters. I’m not saying I wanted this character to die, but considering what happened to the rest of Easton Falls, I don’t feel the authors’ provided enough reason for this person’s fate.

The Bigfoot were done well and there was enough lore to satisfy me as well as the authors’ own take to keep it interesting.

I found the style of Garcia and Garcia complimented each other.

I award The Easton Falls Massacre

The Easton Falls Massacre is available for $3.99 ebook and $7.49 print book on Amazon.

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