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Short Fiction by Joel Spriggs

I love Joel Spriggs’s blend of humor and horror, and these three short stories were winners with me.

A young man contemplates suicide after being stood up for a date, but can a mischievous spirit change his mind?

Despite its dark theme, I found this short story uplifting. Spriggs handles the subject matter well, making you care for both characters and packing surprising emotional weight. Of course, this being a Spriggs story, there is still some horror and humor.

I award The Librarian

The Librarian is available for $0.99 ebook on Amazon.

Loki’s great grandkids from Over A God’s Dead Body are back in these two entertaining shorts.

Beach Blanket Necromancy sees Esmy and Jake hit the beach for some downtime, but things are far from relaxing once Jake’s experiments get loose. If you’re like me, I only need mention that this story contains zombie ducks and you’ll have to read it.

In Demigod Psych Ward Blues, Esmy has some explaining to do after a night out on the town ends up a little too wild. Alcohol and magic do not mix!

I award Boredom & Bedlam

Boredom & Bedlam is available for $2.13 ebook on Amazon.

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