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12 Days of Christmas: Secret Santa by Andrew Shaffer

A humorous novel that’s more mystery than horror but is still a whole lot of fun.

Literary publisher of stuffy hardbacks, Blackwood-Patterson, wasn’t on Lussi Meyer’s list of favorite employers, but beggars can’t be choosers.

However, a series of bizarre events led Lussi to not only get the job but be promoted to senior editor, and it seems that every word she says is coming true. Could there be some black magic involved?

This novel is great fun. Despite the title, it’s not really a festive read. Yes, the action takes place in December, but the secret Santa element is the only Christmas element, shoehorned in because it was a suggestion by the publisher that inspired the book.

Once again the setting is the 1980s, but I think it worked to great effect this time. It’s relevant to the plot because the horror book boom is a huge part of the novel, and the author slips in references to the time in an organic fashion.

This is Shaffer’s first horror book, and you can tell. Normally a mystery author, the plot plays out in a true mystery fashion with some subtle tension here and there but nothing remotely chilling. I think it’s a shame, because the situation is rife for some good horror parody, or even straight up gore.

The characters are well written, and I liked Lussi. I also liked her horror author friend, Fabian, and her German totem, Perky.

I had a great time reading this short novel, but don’t expect Christmas or horror to play a big part within the pages. Also, the price is rather steep, so perhaps visit your local library for a copy.

I award Secret Santa

Secret Santa is available for $10.38 ebook and $15.99 print book on Amazon.

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