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The Malan Witch by Catherine Cavendish

Nothing to do with Ireland’s northernmost point, Malin Head, the horror in this novel takes place on Cornwall’s picturesque Atlantic coast.

After the death of her husband, Robyn Crowe decides to spend the summer in her sister’s idyllic holiday home in Cornwall. Unfortunately, the spirits of sister witches that once lived in the cottage seek re-entry to the material realm, and Robyn is standing in their way.

Robyn’s arrival at Malan cottage reminded me of many self catering holiday homes I’ve visited over the years. The cottage and location were beautifully described and I’d love to spend time there, even with the witches.

The elements of witchcraft and local folklore provide eerie realism to this spooky tale. I particularly liked the thread of deception introduced near the end of the novel, and I would have liked if it had been introduced earlier and developed further.

I was confused by a section of the book where Robyn wakes up in the middle of the night and then it’s suddenly morning, but perhaps the witches were responsible for the missing time.

I award The Malan Witch

The Malan Witch is available for €4.33 ebook and $10.99 print book on Amazon.

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