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Psycho Gets Her Man by Camille Picott

The second outing for stoner chums, Santa Claus and Rudolph, sees them journey to Ancient Greece.

After unleashing the zombie apocalypse, Nick and Rudy seek to escape being eaten by using a time machine to travel back to before the zombies arrived. Nick takes a fancy to the first young woman they meet, but it turns out she’s not what she seems.

If you’ve read the first short story featuring Nick and Rudy, you have a good idea what to expect. There are the same bawdy, irreverent jokes and the two friends continue to be unlikable as they wreck havoc upon Greece.

I quite like the idea of Santa and Rudolph on a chaotic adventure through time and space, and I like the inclusion of Greek myths in this short story.

Picott writes well and I know this type of comedy has a broad appeal. However, humor is subjective and I’m afraid, in this case, it wasn’t for me.

I award Psycho Gets Her Man

Psycho Gets Her Man is available for $1.35 ebook on Amazon.

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