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February in Review

It seems I’ve hit a reading slump. Not because I’m lacking in good books to read – I’ve plenty on my TBR pile – but because I’m feeling a bit burned out and brain sore.

I’ve loved celebrating women in horror month on my blog for the last two years, but my plans were disrupted this year when it was announced at the beginning of the month that women in horror month was moving to March.

I can’t believe two months of 2021 are over already. January seemed to last a million years, but February flew. What will March bring?

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13 thoughts on “February in Review”

  1. Oh thank goodness. I was starting to think it was me, and was planning to change my deodorant. Your admission of “feeling a bit burned out and brain sore” is going to save me a tonne of money at the deodorant shop. (Or has WP been withholding notification of new postings from you?) Anyway you’ve read 9 more books than me this month – may your coming Spring grant you a pile of brain unsoreness.

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    1. At the beginning of February. I think it will be unofficial this year and starting officially in March next year. Apparently there is a Facebook group and they had a vote and decided to change it to March.


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