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The Siren and the Spectre by Jonathan Janz

David Caine, renowned sceptic, agrees to spend a month in the most haunted house in Virginia and write a book about it.

Unfortunately, his writing isn’t going well. Could it be the proximity to a location from his youth that is dredging up painful memories? Perhaps it’s the sexually aggressive neighbors who abuse their children that are distracting him, or maybe it’s the unexplained happenings in the house that threaten to destroy David’s decades long reputation as a debunker of the paranormal.

All the threads combine together in an engrossing horror mystery that will keep you entertained until the last page.

I really liked the mystery elements to this haunted house tale. There is a lot going on, and I enjoyed unraveling the various different threads.

David Caine is a great character. He’s realistic and I respect Janz for making him a real human, full of strengths and flaws. His character arc was the heart of the book for me.

There are plenty of villains in this book, and I enjoyed the mix of living and dead monsters that were connected to Alexander House. David’s neighbors, the Shelby’s, really stood out as truly despicable people.

I award The Siren and the Spectre

The Siren and the Spectre is available for $7.52 ebook and $14.95 print book on Amazon.

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