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Agoraphobia by Rami Ungar

A new horror short from the Master of Fear.

Peyton hasn’t left his house in years. Now a hurricane is besieging his property, but is the ferocity of nature enough to drive him from his home?

Ungar managed to pack a lot into this short story.

I really emphasized with Peyton. I loved the reasons for his fear of the outside world, and Ungar perfectly paced the revelations of his past. The fortress Peyton built sounded fantastic and I wouldn’t mind living there. I think I would have just hidden under my bed, even under the circumstances he found himself in, rather than abandon such a beautiful home.

I expected this story to be about an agoraphobic versus a hurricane, so when an extra element was introduced I was pleasantly surprised.

An exciting, tense, emotional story that had me reading with bated breath and left me with tears in my eyes.

I award Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is available for $0.99 ebook on Amazon.

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