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Savage by Dan Soule

On the streets of present day Whitechapel, murders reminiscent of Jack the Ripper have caught the attention of Kenny, detective with a difference.

Math prodigy, Dylan, wants to keep his head down and study hard, but his mother’s pimp has other plans for him. Perhaps the mysterious men in Number 25 Gallows Court can help him get out of trouble.

An epic modern take on vampires, werewolves and zombies that is a must read for every horror fan.

I’ve read all of Soule’s novels to date, and this has become my new favorite. I loved Dracula when I read it as a preteen, and this book had the same effect on me. I forgot I was reading and was swept along by the characters in a tense, terrifying and emotional read.

Savage deals with a theme I love – sometimes the person who rescues you is a bigger monster than the one you are trying to escape. The characters of Vieil and Butcher satisfied me intellectually while also providing some of the best visceral thrills of the novel. Elements of 25 Gallows Court made my skin crawl, while at the same time I cheered on Soule for his ingenuity.

I also loved the characters of Abigail and Samuel who brought much needed light into the darkness.

There are a few books I’ve read where I’ve become so engrossed that the characters and setting live on in my mind, and Savage is one of those books. It is now part of my cells, and I’m happy about that.

I look forward to read what Soule publishes next. I love his range so far – from action to folk to science fiction – and can’t begin to imagine where his next novel will take me.

I award Savage

Savage is available for $6.88 ebook and $13.99 print book on Amazon.

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