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DeadMeat Day 7 by Nick Clausen

It’s been one full week since the zombie apocalypse started, and the series continues to go from strength to strength.

The book focuses on Dan, who is journeying back to ground zero to see if he can stop the zombies, and Iver, who is trying to survive on an island that is slowly being overrun by the deads.

The map at the front of the book shows that zombies have reached Ireland, but unfortunately it doesn’t feature in the narrative. I like to think I’d be successful at defending my home.

Clausen has made a wise choice in focusing on two characters in this installment, alternating the chapters between Dan and Iver’s points of view. While I enjoyed the books that dealt with more characters, the series excels when the plot is kept tight to one or two characters.

Iver’s struggles to survive on the island with a disparate group of people is tense and well paced. As with all good zombie stories, the living once again prove more dangerous than the dead.

Dan has been the emotional centre of the series since Day 1, and his journey continues to pack some gut punches as he makes his way back to Denmark.

There are some new characters, and I particularly liked Liv. Her story is compelling, and I loved how she handled each new obstacle thrown in her path.

I look forward to finding out what happens next.

I award DeadMeat Day 7

DeadMeat Day 7 is available for $2.97 ebook on Amazon.

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