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The Headless Floridaman by Joel Spriggs

When Chevy turns up one night at a trailer park in Florida and offers Buck, Skeeter, Darryl, Chrissy and Limey some drugs, what do they do? Why kill him, of course, because this band of friends is loyal to Mickey, the Meth man, their usual drug dealer.

Who would have imagined that such a thoughtful act could have unpleasant consequences?

A modern retelling of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow that is as hilarious as it is crass.

I’ve read a few books by Spriggs, and I love how he combines horror and mythology with humor in his work. He is a seriously funny author, who writes great characters, wildly imaginative plots and, at times, grisly scenes.

While the humor in his previous works, most notably Over a God’s Dead Body, could stray into crass territory, The Headless Floridaman is his most vulgar book to date. I’m not a fan of toilet humor, but somehow Spriggs got me laughing out loud several times while reading this book. I never thought I’d enjoy reading about a duel between a plank axe and a poop knife.

This is a novella, so at 66 pages it never outstays it’s welcome. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow elements are superior to the original. The characters, while thorough reprobates, are human.

I’d like to call attention to the marvelous front cover, which so wonderfully depicts the titular Headless Floridaman. Each chapter of the novella also starts with a different skull illustration, which I loved.

I award The Headless Floridaman

The Headless Florida will be released on 30th April 2021 and the ebook is available for the preorder price of $3.01, while the print book is already on sale for $6.99 on Amazon.

I received an ARC from the author and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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