It has begun.

IN 2019…

It was the largest gathering of authors, editors and illustrators this blog has ever seen.

They said they couldn’t be stopped.

They were right.

IN 2020…

It was a celebration that defied the laws of the internet.

No one could have believed that in the first months of the pandemic such wonderful giveaways could have swarmed and multiplied on a humble blog.


The celebration of this blog’s third anniversary starts here, tonight.


I’d love to announce the start of May Madness with a gravelly voice over, dramatic music and special effects, but I’m no good at that sort of thing and I’m afraid the budget is whatever I could find between the couch cushions (which was shockingly little).

However, I can promise GIVEAWAYS, NEW FICTION and some SURPRISES.

Think of this as the acoustic version of May Madness, or the mumble core edition, or the bargain basement bin of bloggenings.

So, climb into your space suits, gather your best weapons and summon your magical animal helpers – it’s going to be a (mildly interesting) good time.

Let the Bloggening commence!

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