What a difference a year makes

When I started writing this post, and looked back over the year, all I could see was gloom and doom. However, when I looked more closely, I realized the last twelve months have been pretty good.

I published TWO books!

7 Days in Hell: A Halloween Vacation to Wake the Dead was released last June.

Twins Irene and Vicky, and Irene’s dog Ronnie, are caught in a battle of good versus evil when they go on a free vacation to rural Ireland.

With their lives on the line, who will survive?

At least there’s still chocolate.

Here’s what some people have to say about it:

OMG Rosemary’s Baby meets Sense and Sensibility…

5⭐️ review from The Dark Side from the Inside book blog.

Move over Stephen King.

5⭐️ review from Amazon.

Find out if you agree!

7 Days in Hell is available for $3.28 ebook and $11 print book and free with kindle unlimited on Amazon.

7 Weeks in Hell: To Hell or to Galway, the second book in the 7th Hell series, was released last October.

So you’ve survived the zombie apocalypse. What’s next?

Will it be happy ever after for the twins or a case of out of the frying pain and into the fire?

Here’s what some people have to say about it:

Fantastic book.

5⭐️ review from Amazon.

I can’t wait to read more of her books.

5⭐️ review from Amazon.

7 Weeks in Hell is available for $4.16 ebook and $12 print book and free on kindle unlimited on Amazon.

Let me dazzle you with my stats:

In the past 12 months on this blog:

  • 11,270 page views.
  • 5,078 visitors.
  • 251 posts.
  • 214 books read.
  • 80 new followers.
  • 11 book tour posts.
  • 7 buddy reads.
  • 4 original fiction posts.
  • 2 author interviews.
  • 1 guest post.

In the last 12 months my books:

  • 8,024 kindle unlimited page reads.
  • 351 sold.

All about me!

I’ve also been interviewed twice in the last twelve months.

I chatted with Mr Deadman on Horror Talk Radio about 7 Weeks in Hell, zombies and horror movies.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Fellow horror author, Dan Soule, interviewed me earlier this year.

Click here to read Dan’s interview of me.

Now for some time travel…

These were my goals for the year last May. I think I’ve completed them all (except the last one. My newsletter neglect is shocking).

  • Continue to blog regularly and discover more great books.
  • Publish more books and short stories.
  • Regularly post fiction on my blog.
  • Collaborate with more awesome bloggers, writers and artists on posts, buddy reads and stories.
  • Get to know more great bloggers, authors and artists.
  • Send out a monthly newsletter.

The future is an unknown country…

My goals for the next twelve months are simple:

  • Write ALL the books.
  • Improve my marketing game.
  • Work on illustrations and book covers.
  • Continue to read and review like a machine.

Anything you’d like me to add to this list? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

Apologies to Joe

Joe, I worked really hard on setting up a portal that makes it easier to engage in Wall street speculation, but despite my best efforts I only succeeded in opening a wormhole to a world where frog like humanoids exchange socks. I didn’t want to disappoint you with second best.

Also, sorry for the lack of rodeo tickets and cabbage recipes.

In memoriam:

19 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes”

  1. I think that is awesome! Congratulations!! I would like to read more of your fiction, and get a monthly newsletter! I must listen to those interviews. Well done on a great year, and best of luck with the new plans. And a sad goodbye to yu canine friends as well 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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