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The 2nd Annual Joe Joseph Award for Literary Achievement

Who is Joe Joseph, I hear you ask, but a more appropriate question would be WHAT is Joe Joseph?

Inspired by Joe at the Dumbest Blog Ever, Joe Joseph is aspirational, inspirational, a way of life, a higher order of being.

The Joe Joseph Award for Literary Achievement encapsulates all these elements by allowing you – yes, you, dear humble reader – a chance to appear in one of my books.

It won’t be the real you, of course. I can’t magic you into a fictional construct and force you to be my puppet (not yet, anyway), but one lucky winner will get to see their name used (and most likely killed) in one of my works.

Last Year

Winner, Emma Wolski, choose to be on the side of the good guys and appeared as a veterinarian in 7 Weeks in Hell: To Hell or to Galway (sorry Emma).

Winner, David Rae, thought it would be more fun to help out the bad guys. We’ll see how that turned out for him in my forthcoming novella, Dead Jimmy.

Want to be in my book?

This year there can only be one – winner, that is. Click on the link below and tell me which side you would like your fictional namesake be on to enter.

Contest runs until midnight (GMT) Tuesday 18th May 2021. The unlucky winner will be announced next Wednesday.

Good luck.

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