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IsArt Embroidery Giveaway

I embroidered one picture as a child, and I enjoyed it, but I didn’t pick up the needle and thread again…

Until this year.

In the last few months I’ve filled my evenings embroidering pictures, badges and random pieces of fabric. If you stand still long enough, most likely I’ll embroider something on your clothes.

This week I’m giving one lucky person the chance to win a hand embroidered picture. The picture will be A4 in size and modeled after the medieval style of art. All you have to do is tell me in which genre you would like me to embroider your picture. Fantasy, horror or science fiction.

The contest runs until Wednesday 26th May 2021. Only one winner will be chosen.

And the winner is…

Iseult stepped into the rafflecopter to choose the name that would become an important character in her next book.

As the blades warmed up, ready to winnow the entries down to one random name, a terrible darkness shrouded the night. Iseult looked up. Outside the plexiglass windows of the rafflecopter, the stars had disappeared.

Iseult shifted in her seat. The safety of the house seemed far away. As she considered whether she could make it across the paving to the backdoor in time, something huge hit the rafflecopter, rocking it on its skids. Thick, leathery wings covered the window at the front of the rafflecopter. The hideous stench of rotten meat made Iseult gag. A blunt reptilian head peered in at her through the windscreen.

She reached for her mobile phone to take a picture of the strange creature. No one would believe her without photographic proof. However, her phone had fallen into the footwell. With great difficultly, Iseult managed to recover the device but, when she looked out the window, the beast was gone. Instead, smeared across the curved screen in what looked like saliva was a name, and a threat.

Rami Ungar, or we’ll return.

Eager as she was to see the smelly dragon bat again, Iseult wasn’t sure if she would survive a second encounter.

Long story short, there are two winners of last week’s competition.

Cassandra Darensbourg

Rami Ungar

Congratulations, winners! I look forward to killing you writing about your fictional namesakes in my next books.

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