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Cover Reveal

You’ve heard him help a selkie…

You’ve read about him helping a ghost…

Now you’ll go back to the very beginning…

It’s Dead Jimmy Time!

Cory didn’t expect to get two earth shattering personal phone calls in one day. The first, from the police, telling him that the uncle who raised him had been murdered. The second, from his dead uncle, asking for help.

Now Cory has to solve his uncle’s murder and recover his soul before his zombie status becomes permanent.

As he discovers that creatures from myth and legend are all real, Cory gains a deeper respect for his uncle and the job he once did for a living.

Learn the origins of the worlds foremost zombie detective in this horrifyingly hilarious novella – Dead Jimmy.

Cover artwork by Duy Phan.

Available June 2021

4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal”

  1. Fantastic cover!!! Love the sound of this story – I loved the two stories I’ve heard/read, and a longer story featuring Dead Jimmy – and all the weird and wonderful characters that accompany him – is just what I need! Can’t wait!

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