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And the winner is…

Still reeling from her experience with the dragon bat last week, Iseult decided to send Tigger out to the garden to collect the embroidery contest winner’s name from the rafflecopter.

She stood at the door watching while the little dog bounced like an enthusiastic shadow across the paving, bounded onto the grass and gathered his body to leap into the rafflecopter.

Suddenly he stopped. Iseult frowned. What was he up to? She spotted the small ginger cat hiding under the rafflecopter a moment later. Oh no, she thought. Tigger is going to chase the cat and forget all about choosing the winner.

To her surprise, Tigger gently sniffed noses with the cat. Something seemed to pass between them, then the little dog jumped into the rafflecopter and the cat disappeared into the darkness under it.

The rafflecopter whirred to life, it’s lights flashing as it’s blades winnowed the entrants until there was only one name left. When it was done, Tigger jumped out of the cockpit and galloped back to the house.

He bounced against Iseult and pressed a piece of paper into her hand before racing off to play with his favourite toy, a squeaky pink hedgehog.

Iseult unfurled the scroll and saw a name scratched across the crumpled surface, but all she could think was From where did Tigger get the pen and paper?

Without further ado, the winner is…

Pamela Reilly

Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered. Better luck next year.

A quick note to all winners. I’m very very slow at getting things done. You will get your prizes, but they might take a while to get to you.

Here are the winner’s prizes from the IsArt giveaway last year, which will be in the mail as soon as I can find someone to go to the post office for me. I am sorry for the delay and I hope the winners like them.

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