Thank You

As May Madness 3 draws to an end and the credits start to roll on The Bloggening, I want to thank all the bloggers, writers, artists and genuinely awesome people I’ve interacted with over the last year.


The most supportive blogger award goes to Priscilla Bettis. I look forward to what she has to say every time I post. She blogs about writing & books.

Click here to read some of her writing,

Click here to buy The Vampire Connoisseur that contains Priscilla Bettis’s story, Read The Sun Sets Nonetheless.

Not only is Dan Soule an amazing writer – Savage is a triumphant vampire novel to rival Dracula – but he is an inspiration & incredibly supportive. He even interviewed me for his blog! He’s awesome.

Click here to buy his books.

I found Bruce Goodman through his comments on WordPress. He’s supportive, generous & funny. Turns out he’s also an author, composer, gardener & thoroughly great guy.

Click here to read his novel, A Passing Shower, FREE.

Click here to read his fantastic blog post about ME!

Shout out to Layden Robinson. He has the cutest daughter & little dogs, is an accomplished musician and author, and he’s extremely supportive of the writing community.

Click here to buy his music for Matilda, his daughter.

Click here to buy his books.

I discovered Nick Clausen through twitter when I got an ARC for one of his books. Imagine, people GIVING away books? What brave new world is this? Now I’m a big fan, and he even gave me a blurb for 7 Days in Hell!

Click here to buy his books.

I am so pleased to be one of Rami Ungar’s followers of fear. I love his books, his blog and his support.

Click here to buy his books.


Last year I pretended to be Gandalf for a few days and asked a group of friends to go on an adventure with me. To my surprise, these wonderful people said yes!

Unfortunately I’m the balrog rather than the wizard, so I fell down, down and the adventure never started. However, I am eternally grateful to these champions.

There are some amazing people who go the extra mile to be friendly & supportive. Joseph Sale is one of them. I love everything he writes.

Click here to buy his books. They’re phenomenal.

I love David Rae’s writing. It’s unique and it really speaks to me. What’s even nicer is that he likes my work too! We’ve shared table of contents in two anthologies, shared blog posts and we even continued each other’s stories! I’m so glad he’s on my side.

Click here to buy his books.

I still have to pinch myself that Rhonda Parrish is my friend. Not only a wonderful editor, she’s also a hugely talented author & super human being.

Click here to sign up to her Patreon.

Click here to buy her books.

I’m not sure where she currently resides online, but Mara Duryea is one interesting woman and an accomplished writer. I was honoured to talk about myths & monsters with her for women in horror month last year.

Click here to get a copy of her debut dark fantasy novel.

Leigh Hartman is a writer of historical fiction and sci fi, a blogger and a super supportive member of the writer’s community. She even interviewed me for her 5 Questions author series, and I had lots of fun roasting one of her posts.

Clicked here to check out her blog.

I’m fortunate to have beta read some of K B Morris’s work and all I can say is WOW! They are good! KB has listened to me more times than I can count, and I love our chats about writing.

If you love horror, especially if you have an interest in Dennis Wheatley, Christopher Lee or horror cinema, you should read this three part series. It’s fascinating.

Dennis Wheatley part one

Dennis Wheatley part two.

Dennis Wheatley part three.

Rachael Waldburger is an artist, writer and teacher. She was one of the first friends I made on twitter. She has supported May Madness from year one, and she even drew a sketch of one of my characters!

Click here to check out her website.

My buddy reading bestie, Jonny Pongratz, is a super star. He writes gripping YA horror and science fiction, and posts reviews of indie books on his blog. He has interviewed lots of writers – including me! – and he gives 130% to everything he does.

Click here to buy Jonathan Pongratz’s books.

Poet, author and all round top person, Jan is never slow to shout out a fellow author on twitter and offer support. She also posts fabulous videos of her reading her poems.

Click here to buy J M Mills fantasy novel The Gathering: The White Queen.

Editor, poet, author, writing coach, I’m very fortunate to call Terrie Leigh Relf my friend. She is so encouraging and supportive to other writers, through advice and interviews on her blog.

Click here to buy her books.

David Barron is an artist and writer who drew a beautiful map for my fantasy novella From the Ashes.

Click here to follow him on Twitter.

Click here to check him out on instagram.

Rob Bliss is one of the most generous people I’ve met online. He’s a versatile horror writer, producing multilayered dark literature. He also has a great sense of humor (or maybe he’s just kind enough to laugh at my jokes).

Click here to buy his books.

There is no one like my good friend Joe. Despite calling himself the dumbest blogger, he is one of the most intelligent people you’ll meet. He has a quick wit, a strong sense for nonsense and is altogether a wonderful human being.

Click here to read his blog.

Ruth Anne Garcia is a talented poet and author, who supports other indie authors through interviews and reviews on her blog. She’s also super thoughtful and kind, and an altogether great person.

Click here to buy her book.

Roll up! Roll up! John Shupeck Jr is a horror writer and, as his killer alter ego Dr Jason Carson, a self help murder guru.

His work is intelligent, full on horror with a dark wit. His support of other writers is inventive and genuine.

Click here to check out his goodreads profile.

Click here to buy the books of his killer alter ego, Dr Jason Carson.

Keshia Erin is a writer, artist, photographer AND she plays Dungeons & Dragons. I don’t think there’s much she can’t do and excel at. She is also great at supporting other writers and creatives.

Click here to check out her website.


I’ve been a fan of Greg Chapman’s art for a while, & I’m so happy to have a cover by him for my forthcoming novella. I’ve more recently discovered he’s an amazing author as well.

Click here to check out his blog.

Click here to buy his books.

I discovered Laura Tolton’s work through my love of Garth Nix. Her depictions of scenes from the Abhorsen trilogy are breathtaking. Her range & quality of artwork constantly inspires me. I can’t believe she drew the cover image for my upcoming novella.

Click here to check out her work.

Thank you to Duy Phan for my wonderful Dead Jimmy cover image.

Click here if you’d like to find out more about Duy Phan’s art.

Karina creates magical digital art. I can’t wait to reveal the cover art she made for my fantasy novel.

Click here to learn more about her work.

Orion Zangara is a super talented comic book artist. One of the perks of the Pretty Little Dead Girls Kickstarter was to get some of his original artwork. I now have two of his pieces based on my characters!

Click here to check out his work.

The biggest thank you of all to my loyal readers and followers. You are truly the very best.


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