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Short Story Review: 3 Story Edition

Three horror short stories from three different masters of the genre.

After rewatching the Nicolas Cage movie of the same name, I noticed that it had been adapted from a Tim Lebbon story and decided to check out the source material. I’m so glad that I did.

Concerning the dissolution of a marriage after the disappearance of their child, the real horror is the fall out of the disappearance and how it changes the parents. I don’t have children, but I can glimpse a sliver of how awful it must be for one to disappear and not know where they are or what has happened to them. It’s truly terrifying.

The speculative elements are haunting and bewitching and compliment the central premise spectacularly.

I award Pay the Ghost

Pay the Ghost is available for 99c ebook on Amazon.

Providing some clues to the start of the zombie outbreak, Dawn Patrol is the story of an ultra runner trying to save the life of a father and son by utilizing the tricks he’s learned from his ultramarathons.

Dawn Patrol is as close to ultra running as I’m ever going to get. In this story, you run or you die. I loved how the tricks learned to push your body to extremes were now employed to survive. An emotional, nail biting story with some interesting life lessons.

I award Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol is available for 99c ebook on Amazon.

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Set in the Balkans during the 11th century, this short story provides a glimpse into an emergence of the zombie/vampires that growl like bears during a different historical period, and provides some backstory for the series.

I enjoy Black’s writing style, and the scenes that centered around the creatures were top notch. Unfortunately, I thought that the opening scenes of the story were too influenced by modern era prejudice of the medieval period to be to my liking.

I award Growlers Book 0

Growlers Book 0 is available for 99c ebook on Amazon.

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10 thoughts on “Short Story Review: 3 Story Edition”

  1. Your post reminds me that I meant to read Dawn Patrol Ultra a couple of years ago, and I totally forgot about it! I am a runner (okay, a JOGGER, but still), so I thought it sounded like a cool concept for zombie story.:-)

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