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Little Dead Red by Mercedes M Yardley

When 12 year old Aleta goes to the hospital to visit granny and is never seen again, her mother will go to any lengths to get her back.

This story is fictional, but it’s so close to reality that it stretches the boundaries. Wrapped up in prose as beautiful as a Fabergé egg, it’s a reading experience that leaves you battered and bruised, yet appreciative of the author.

Yardley certainly knows how to blend real life horrors with a style that’s full of stars and magic. Somehow that makes the darkness more real and terrible.

There is very little to say about this novella without spoiling it. I picked it up because I was feeling down and I knew I was in safe hands with the author. It certainly didn’t lift my spirits, but I suppose I experienced some sort of catharsis, as I found the writing and the way Yardley handled such sensitive subject matter inspiring.

I award Little Dead Red

Little Dead Red is available for $2.86 ebook on Amazon.

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